Another Council – this time for Paramedics!

Dear Friends,

You have an Act this time to regulate paramedics on the lines of Bar Council, Rehabilitation Council, Medical Council etc. What is your take on this? Do you think it will help or create another regulatory agency eating on public money with people on deputation from different ministries putting spanners in what ever good is happening! At least for me, I have seen such bad examples in our sector itself ! Won’t say further!

Waiting for your comments on the news below:

Act to regulate paramedics in city hospitals soon 
Anuradha Mukherjee, New Delhi, Hindustan Times, 03rd July 2008
IN THE run up to the Commonwealth Games, the city is set to get a council for accrediting paramedics and is in the process of evolving a Paramedical Council Act. The Act will lay down terms and conditions for all medical professionals. Officials said the Bill for the introduction of the Act will be tabled in the Assembly The government is also planning to adopt the Andhra Pradesh Ordinance for prevention of violence against doctors with some modifications meant for Delhi hospitals. The decisions were shared at a health department meeting chaired by Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit on Wednesday “We have a lot of hospitals and these moves are aimed at improving facilities. We have asked for model of the Andhra Pradesh Ordinance as they have already done something to contain violence against doctors,” said Dikshit. “There is no Act or Council to regulate the hiring or functioning of paramedics, whether in the city or country There is no way of ascertaining the work record or conduct of a particular paramedic,” the official added. The Council will accredit operation theatre (OT) technicians, OT assistants, laboratory technicians, laboratory assistants, X-Ray technicians, ECG technicians, darkroom assistants and Central Sterilisation Department assistants. All institutions will have to register with the Council that will issue certificates only after professionals have worked for fixed period. “The need for this council was felt, as we need to hire at least 1,000 paramedics in the next year There are over 350 posts of paramedics open. Also, the 110 ambulances we are going to acquire will require six such paramedics in each vehicle,” said the official.

Source: Act to regulate paramedics in city hospitals soon


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  1. hi i feel if we have one council for paramedics and medicos then in no time all paramedics will be medicos !!!! imagine to have treatment by a nurse for serious ailment !
    as it is in smaller palces and even in bigger places we have difficulty in getting the genuine professionals if there is one council for these two imagine the disaster to public health !!!
    need to think again and may be there is a way out for separate councils and saving money !

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