Does RCI excercise any control over Rehabilitation Programmes being offered jointly by Indian Organisations & Overseas Universities online like – Fellowship in Neurological Rehabilitation (FNR) at Apollos

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This came to us through a query from one of the members and also in response to earlier post on “Who should treat the children with disability”.


 The course outlines seems to be very fine and even I feel tempted to approach the Apollo Hospital to include Developmental Therapists in the list of eligible participants, however, there is a conflict with what we said in our earlier post.


 Does RCI exercise any control over such courses which may be very good to enhance the professional skills though and may not be sometimes? After all these are the rehabilitaiton courses aimed at equipping medical and para-medical professionals to treat the children with disabilities with various conditions as set out below.


 May be a clarification from RCI as to how it want to respond to it is needed. Accordingly we can decide our future course of action.


Below the text posted on their website and here is the link to the site :


Looking at your comments and reactions!


Subhash Chandra Vashishth, Developmental Therapist, For ADITI


Text from the above site about the course:


 Neurological Rehabilitation is the whole process of managing disability due to neurological problems. Its profile has increased rapidly in recent years, and it is now being recognized as an important aspect of health care settings. This programme aims to provide a unique training in the basic principles of neurological rehabilitation, the management of physical and psychological disabilities, and factors affecting handicap in neurological disability.We have designed this course to accommodate your needs as a health care professional to enable you to meet the challenges of neurological disorders and rehabilitation in your own area of speciality. The focus of the programme is on interprofessional working and practice.




On completion of this course, students are expected to be able to

•  Discuss the common clinical features, which may arise from delayed development, or deficit of the central nervous system.
•  Identify and perform appropriate techniques for assessment and treatment used in neurological rehabilitation.
•  Critically evaluate the key approaches used in neurological rehabilitation.
•  Analyse the impact of neurological dysfunction of the patients and their caretakers, taking into account the importance of    socio-economic and cultural issues.


Eligibility Criteria

Physiotherapy Graduates / BOT.

MBBS Graduates & General Practitioners (Including BHMS,BAMS, BUMS).

 Duration & Contact Program
•  Six months correspondence / online study.
•  One week contact program conducted at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad*. by experienced faculty in the field.

Course Content

 This course is divided into fourteen modules:

1. Introduction to Rehabilitation Medicine
2. Delivery of Rehabilitation Care: Rehabilitation Team
3. Rehabilitation of Patient with Neurologic Disorders
4. Rehabilitation of the Patient with Paraplegia or Quadriplegia
5. Rehabilitation of Patient with Cerebral Palsy
6. Rehabilitation of Poliomyelitis
7. Rehabilitation of Patient with Stroke
8. Rehabilitation of Brain Injury
9. Rehabilitation of the Patient with Diseases of Muscular and Neuromuscular Systems
10. Principles in Gait Training and Prescription of Walking Aids
11. Principles in Management and Communication Impairment
12. Geriatric Rehabilitation
13. Principles in Management of Psychologic and Psychiatric Problems
14. Aspects of Counseling

 Course Fee

 Rs. 20, 000 payable one time or two equal installments of Rs. 11,000 each in favour of “Medvarsity Online Limited” Payable at Hyderabad


About Medvarsity

 Medvarsity, India‘s first virtual medical educational portal was established in April 2000 as a joint venture by Apollo Hospitals & NIIT. Medvarsity in association with Apollo Hospitals conducts online courses for medical & paramedical community. Medvarsity offers its courses in collaboration with reputed bodies like Royal College of General Practitioners and Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation, IRDA Etc.

 About AHERF

 Apollo Hospital Educational and Research Foundation conducts other educational and training programs including Nursing, Physiotherapy, Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Anesthesiology and Masters Degree in Hospital Administration.


These programmes help to equip professionals with the right approach and knowledge to apply in the specific work areas. Worldwide, the emphasis has shifted towards rehabilitative techniques and hence these are the apt courses to train the people aiming at a career in these areas. Additionally, rehabilitation counselors enjoy increasing opportunities for employment in a wide variety of settings, including hospitals, health clubs, treatment centers, correctional facilities, rehabilitation centers, and geriatric centers and facilities.


•  Course material developed by experienced specialists from Apollo hospitals.
•  Course material containing animations, tables, graphs and images which are useful for    ready reference and to explain various concepts and conditions are provided in a CD.
•  Flexible learning for professionals with limited time.
•  No need to dislocate yourself from existing practice and place of work, as the course is    available both online and offline–anytime, anywhere learning
•  Contact program by various subject experts from Apollo Hospitals



All fellowship course material is available both in print and online. An ID and Password will be provided to access the course content and online assessments. A CD with multimedia rich content is also provided along with the printed study material. Additional value added services like e-mail articles and journal articles will be provided periodically. Periodical assessments are a part of the course. Doubt Clarification Support is available. The registrants shall complete all the internal assessments online before the contact program. The final examination will be held after completion of the online study and contact program. Certification will be by AHERF (Apollo Hospital Education and Research Foundation) & Medvarsity.


Rs. 20,000 payable in single installment or Rs. 22,000 in two equal installments of Rs. 11,000 each in favour of “Medvarsity Online Limited” Payable at Hyderabad

Certification will be by AHERF (Apollo Hospital Education and Research Foundation) & Medvarsity.