Miniature versions of equipments changing the paradigm of paediatric surgery

Dear Friends,

The paradigm of paediatric surgery is all set to change with miniature versions of equipments used during minimal invasive surgery (MIS). I am sure you would read this post with great interest. This is going to facilitate many surgeries that could reduced the impact of disability.

Here is the article. To read from the source click here

‘Paediatric surgery will become better’
TNN 20 November 2009, 04:43am IST

LUCKNOW: Miniature versions of equipments used during minimal invasive surgery (MIS) are all set to change the paradigm of paediatric surgery. This means that till now, MIS was an option only for the adults. But now, the instruments have been modified to suit the needs of children as well, who will no longer grow up with scars. Reconstructive surgeries to remove the scars may also be evaded.

This was said by experts who gathered at the 35th annual conference of the Indian Association of the Paediatric Surgeons. The conference began here on Thursday with a lecture on advances and researches in hydrocephalus – a condition marked by abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain.

The condition causes lot of problems for children by way of progressive enlargement of the head, convulsions and even mental disability. On behalf of Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University’s paediatric surgery department – which is hosting the event – Dr SN Kureel informed that during the conference experts from across the country would share their views on issues related to paediatric surgical procedures.


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