A new dawn in the disability research and ethics

Dear Friends,

Many in the hearing-impaired community have rejected cochlear implants, because they do not regard deafness as a disability that needs to be corrected, but as a part of their life and cultural identity. To them, cochlear implants are an enhancement beyond normal functioning.

Science can replace all organs but the machanised interface may develop frictions.  Machines and computer fail at times. Who is responsible in such cases- machine or man. How to fix the criminal liability.

Offences under the influence of external forces are often excused as Men’s rea is difficult to be proved in the criminal justice. Revolving around these issues, the new research – its impact on disability and ethics is bound to spruce up.

Hope it will provide a wonderful reading to you. The article is by  Jens Clausen, who is a research assistant at the Institute for Ethics and History of Medicine, Tubingen, Germany

To respect copyright laws, the article is not repeated here. Click here to visit the link at DNA. Man, machine and everything in between


Subhash Chandra Vashishth

Developmental Therapist


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