13th International Portage Conference at Chandigarh, Delhi, India

Dear Friends,

Indian National Portage Association has announced that they are organising 13th International Portage Conference in collaboration with Department of Education, Panjab University and National Trust of India during 30 September – 04th October 2010 at Chandigarh.

The Portage Model

The Portage Project was originally created 28 years ago in Portage, Wisconsin, in response to the need to provide services in a rural community to young children with disabilities. Portage is known for early intervention and development of intervention systems in the community. Its success relies heavily on parental involvement in enhancing the development of young children with disabilities. The parents must first understand that development of the child is sequential in nature. Secondly, they must believe that the child’s development can be influenced by their efforts. A final assumption that needs to be  met if family involvement is to be implemented is parental acceptance of their role in actively facilitating their child’s development. (Simeonsson , 1991).
Read A word about Portage here. (© Gene R. Rodgers, Switzer Research Fellow 1998) The Portage model postulates: Parent/primary caretaker involvement is critical to successful early intervention; the home or other least restrictive environments are natural and significantlearning environments; intervention objectives and strategies must be individualized for each child and family based on their concerns, priorities and resources; data collection is important to reinforce positive change and to make ongoing intervention decisions. (Sampon, Wollenburg  1998)

Portage is a home-visiting educational service for pre-school children with additional support needs and their families.

The classical portage model is a way to support parents and help children with disabilities at home. Its effectiveness was rooted in building relationships with families, and supporting families to support their own children’s development. One of the major strengths of the Portage Model has been the relative ease with which it can be adopted by all countries throughout the world.

The flexibility of the model has enabled partnership between teams of professionals, para-professionals and non-professionals to use it as a Home-Based, Centre-Based and Institution-Based approach to respond to widely varying conditions for setting up Early Intervention Services while still retaining the components of Classical portage, vital to achieving maximum results and capacity building and enabling.

Theme & Sub Themes of the Conference

The theme for the Conference is “Quest for Excellence in Early Intervention and Portage: Planet Earth

Sub Themes:

  1. Country-wise EI & Portage Services: (a) Status Report (b) Latest Trends and Developments
  2. EI legislation, policies, programs, and practices for infants with DD/MR (Birth to 3 years)
  3. EI Policies, Programs & Practices with DD/MR (3 to 6 years)
  4. Compare Home, Centre & Community Based EI and Portage Services
  5. Prevention, Early Detection, Early Intervention and Portage Training for DD/MR/Autistic/Down Syndrome children.
  6. Partnership of professionals, para-professionals and non-professionals: (TEAM- Together Everyone Achieves More)
  7. Building linkages between local and national level bodies
  8. promoting collaboration of national and international bodies
  9. Portage Early Education in Developing and Developed countries
  10. Youth who received portage early education in infancy and early childhood.
  11. Some results of application of Group Teaching Curriculum based on Portage Principles; JPA – Approach for Inclusive Education.
  12. Issues & Challenges Ahead
  13. Recommendations for Web-Visions of Portage Model
  14. Mobilizing Financial Resources for EI and Portage
  15. Portage as CBR Approach.

There is a fee attached to the Conference. You can present papers and actively participate in the Conference. For more details, please visit the website of INPA at http://www.inpa.org.in. You can also write to Prof. Tehal Kohli, President INPA and Chair for 13th International Portage Conference at tehalkohli@gmail.com

Happy participation.


SC Vashishth, For ADITI