National Symposium on Treatment and Rehabilitation of CP Child

Dear Friends,

Kiran Society, Benaras is organizing a National Symposium on Treatment & Rehabilitation of CP Child  on 07th November 2010 (though I suggest it should be child first approach – child or children with cerebral palsy).

Ranjeet Kumar Singh, a colleague DT who works with Kiran Village  has shared this information with us. Here is the brief information. I know many of you might be interested in attending this symposium and listening to the experts assembling from across the nation. For those of you who have not been to Benaras, here is the address: KIRAN Centre, P.O. Kuruhuan Madhopur, Post Box 5032, Varanasi-221005 (U.P.) INDIA Phone No. +91- 542 -2670165 & 2670166

Here are the details:

National Symposium on Treatment & Rehabilitation of CP Child

Venue: K. N. UDUPA Auditorium, Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi- 221005, Uttar Pradesh

Proposed Program:

H. 9 -10 : Welcome of the President and the Director of Kiran Society (5 min.)

H. 10 -13: Defining the Problem:

1) Introduction by the Chairman. Co-Chairman Dr. A. Martinuzzi
(Prof. B.D. Bhatia, Paed. Dep. BHU, Varanasi) (10 min.)

2) Cerebral Palsy: Description, Diagnosis, Prevention.
(Dr. Rajniti Prasad, Paed. Dep. BHU) (20 min.)

3) Cerebral Palsy: Treatment and Rehabilitation
( Dr. Anupam Gupta , Psych. & Neurol. Rehab, NIMHANS, Bangalore) (40 min.)

4) Cerebral Palsy: Rehabilitation Approaches Worldwide and W.H.O. Guidelines.
(Dr. A. Martinuzzi, La Nostra Famiglia, Italy/ W.H.O.) (30 min.)

5) Cerebral Palsy: Rehabilitation Services in India: gaps in relation to needs.
(Dr. Sunanda Reddy, CARENIDHI, Delhi) (20 min.)

6) Panel Discussion
( All Morning Session Speakers, National Trust Chairperson, IICP ) (1 h.)

H. 13 – 14: Lunch

H. 14 – 17: Solutions and Strategies:

1) Opening Remarks by Chairperson. Co-Chairman Dr. A. Gupta
(Dr. Poonam Nathrajan) (10 min.)

2) National Trust Vision.
(Ms. Poonam Natrajan, Chairperson, National Trust, Delhi) (20 min.)

3) The Experience of A.A.D.I.
(Ms. Charu Lekha, Action For Ability Development and Inclusion, Delhi) (20 min.)

4) The Experience of a Community Based Rehabilitation in West Bengal
(Mr. M.B. Chetri, Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy, Calcutta) (20 min.)

5) Experience in Uttar Pradesh
(Dr. Sw. Varishtananda, Ramakrishna Mission Home of Service, Varanasi) (20 min.)

6) Panel Discussion
(All Afternoon Session Speakers, Dr. A. Martinuzzi, Dr. S. Reddy, Kiran Centre Rep.) ( 1h.)

7) Vote of Thanks and Closing Ceremony
( Kiran Centre Director, Ms. J.K. Sangeeta) (10 min.)


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  1. Why hbot has not been included for the treatment of CP?

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