The promise of stem cells to cure blindness

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The developments in Stem Cell therapy seems very promising to restore health to many of sensory organs.

Here is what Chauthi Duniya has covered recently on the promise of stem cells to cure blindness:

With the advances made in stem cell science and medical innovations, a cure for glaucoma, the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide, may soon become a reality.

For many years scientists have focused on the capabilities and promise of stem cells that are the body’s master cells.

Stem cell science has established a workable theory for how stem cells are able to proliferate and develop into any tissue in the human body from blood to bone and whole organs.

Animal studies show promise
Scientists from the UK were able to restore vision to blind lab mice, by successfully grafting stem cell tissues taken from bone marrow on to the damaged nerves in the eye.

The researchers noted that with the healthy cells in place the eyes soon began to repair themselves and and full vision returned.

This scientific breakthrough signifies that millions of people with optical conditions such as glaucoma could be able to regain sight through the potential use of stem cell therapy.

Lead researcher Professor Keith Martin, a neuroscientist at Cambridge University and eye surgeon at Addenbrooke’s, stated, “Finding treatments to reverse blindness is no longer in the realm of science fiction.

“We are doing it in animal models and results are so encouraging that we hope to move forward to testing on humans soon. Stem cell treatment is moving forward very fast in many branches of medicine and we are seeing some of the best results in eyes.

“We hope to use cells from patients, taking samples from blood and bone marrow, and modify them. We can then use these stem cells to protect cells from glaucoma and regenerate ones that have been damaged.

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