Blind Persons can see with Bionic Eye

Dear Friends,

Bionic Eye or the “‘smart glasses” offers promise to Blind persons to now see. This technology called Argus II (Bionic Eye) developed by  Oxford University researchers,  uses a tiny camera and a pocket computer to alert users to the object and the person in front of him. These glasses will facilitate the visually impaired when they go shopping and to the train station. In fact, this tool can make the blind persons ‘read’ bus number and any digital display such as train numbers,  computer display on the ATM etc.

If the test is successful, these glasses can be found on the market in 2014. According to the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, the most important thing, the price is less than £ 1,000 and it will make these glasses can reach many people. Clinical neuro science researcher Dr. Stephen Hicks which received funding from the Ministry of Health said, “These glasses are very satisfactory and will be manufactured at a price that could reach everyone.” Currently, as reported Dailymail, Hicks claimed to have been working on prototype versions of these glasses.

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