Now you can get Artificial Retina in the market

Artificial retina in European market

The world’s first artificial retina, Argus II, produced by U.S. company Second Sight Medical Products, was approved for sale in the European market. The
new product can give to people who have partially blind due to retinal degenerative diseases and will be available through several treatment centers in Europe, at a price of $ 100,000.

Artificial retina consists of several parts: a pair of glasses with a video camera sends images to a processing node, which in turn transforms images into
electrical impulses that are transmitted to an array of electrodes implanted in the retina of the wearer. The system offers a resolution of 60 pixels (picture
points), compared with tens of millions, he offers a healthy eye, but will allow users to discern shapes and distinguish light from dark.

The device was tested on 30 patients so far, and positive evaluations of European authorities led to the approval of the product for sale in Europe. Starting this summer, Argus II will be available at a price of $ 100,000 in
these medical centers:

* Centre Hospitalier National des Quinze-Vingts d’Ophthalmologie (Paris, France)
* Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (Geneva, Switzerland)
* Manchester Royal Eye Hospital (Manchester, United Kingdom)
* Moorfields Eye Hospital (London, UK).

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