Certificate course for Speech-Language Pathologists in Bangalore: 24-26 NOv 2011

Dear Friends,

Here is an update from our friend Mr. Mathews from Five India:


It is with great excitement that i announce that the HANEN center has finally agreed to bring the It Takes Two To Talk ® to India  and FiVE has the honor of being their official hosts in India.


Testimonial : As an SLP working predominantly with younger children, I always believed that family had a larger role to play in the intervention process than just bringing the child to therapy. But the challenge of getting parents more actively involved was a hard one and so I was constantly online looking for resources I could use. That is when I found the Hanen Centre. On a first browse, I thought ‘Well, I am already trying out some of what they are suggesting’ but after a chat with a friend (in USA), who had just completed the It Takes Two to Talk course, I realized that what made it a brilliant program is IT’S STRUCTURE. It is so well laid out that you simply have to follow the steps and everything falls into place. The naturalistic approach makes the whole session fun for everyone involved (parents, caregivers, child and therapist). It is the Best thing that has happened to my work! It changed the way i think and the way i approach intervention. And it can also be easily incorporated into any environment of the child such as other therapy sessions (OT, PT, Special Education etc), school and with the whole family (not just parents).

Only 14 seats! Early bird registration closes on 20th August. For more details, please contact Sowmya on (+91)  9444407847




Mathew Easow





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