Aims and Objectives

a)     To bring together in to its fold, at a common platform, all the developmental professionals of disability sector working in India.

b)     To provide the highest quality services to persons with disabilities especially children and their families through promoting and supporting the interests of Developmental Therapists.

c)      Advancing the ethical and professional standards and cultivating best practice of DT

d)     Providing opportunities for the professional growth of individual members.

e)     Improving communication, understanding and cooperation among DT’s.

f)       Informing the public about the services and practices of DTs.

g)     Initiating Policy level dialogue to include Developmental Therapy in mainstream Government Recruitment Rules and systems.

h)     To maintain professional code of conduct for its members & to ensure that the members conduct themselves & the profession in a manner that does  not prejudice their professional status or reputation of the Association & to observe integrity & fair play in the practice of developmental therapy.

i)       To restrain and debar undeserving persons from entering the profession.

j)       To share ideas among each other and promote Problem solving for Developmental Therapists & Special educators and other rehab professionals in their areas of technical expertise.

k)     To share knowledge among each other and publish periodicals/magazine for the dissemination of the same.

l)       To guide its members, to stick to & follow the principles of developmental therapy.

m)  To be a ‘Resource Association’ for the NGOs working in the Disability & Development Sector.

n)     To take appropriate action against members violating any rule or rules prescribed for developmental professionals by the association.

o)     To undertake, initiate, sponsor and promote new research aimed at developing more effective techniques of developmental therapy and undertake publication of literature and material for the same and organize meetings, workshops, seminars, lectures, symposia etc. for sharing the same at various levels in India & abroad.

p)     To collaborate, co-operate, co-ordinate with international, national, regional, or local agencies either voluntary or government, in research of such other activities as may be designed to enrich the knowledge of its members or promote the development of services for the disabled.           

q)     To work for safeguarding the rights and interests of its members/Developmental Therapists.

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