5-Day CRE Course on Early Intervention & School Readiness for Children with Sensory & Multiple Disabilities

Dear Friends,

Our Association has been informed by Ms. Manjula Patankar, Director-ROSHNI that as part of the National Trust Training Programme, ROSHNI Ramakrishna Ashrama will be holding a 5-day Training on Early Intervention & School Readiness for Children with Sensory & Multiple Disabilities – CRE Course. Dr Reena Bhandari, Director, Voice and Vision, Mumbai, a National Resource and Training centre and her team are resource persons for this Course.

The course is a part of Continuous Rehabilitation Education Training programme from Rehabilitation Council of India, funded by the National Trust New Delhi. 

The programe schedule is as below:

Date:         9th  -13th  December 2009

Venue:    Roshni, Ramakrishna Ashrama,  Entrance Jiwaji University Road, Gwalior       

Time:     9:30 a.m. –  4:00 p.m. daily

Course is meant for:

Rehabilitation professionals, therapists and special needs teachers working with people with disabilities, who are interested in extending their knowledge and skills in this area. Candidates with RCI registration preferred; a few seats will be reserved for parents.

Limited number of seats available, apply immediately.

Roshni is looking forward to hearing from you and working with you for training and capacity building to upgrade services for the Rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.

Contact Person:  Vivek Sharma (9893453082),  Ramsevak Baraiya   (9981526616)

Those interested may apply immediately.



SC Vashishth,

Developmental Therapist

For Association of Developmental Therapists of India (ADITI)