Talk on Autism by Dr. Vikram Dua at National Centre for Autism on 07 April 2010

Dear Friends,

AFA is organising a Talk on Autism delivered by Dr Vikram Dua who is a child and adolescent neuropsychiatrist based in Vancouver, Canada, with a specialized expertise in autism spectrum disorders.

The detailed information received from AFA is as below. Hope many of you would find time to attend this important knowledge sharing event.


SC Vashishth




 The incidence of autism is growing at an alarming, almost epidemic rate. One of the reasons for this is the staggering increase in the number of reported cases of autism. This may be partially due to an increase in awareness and improvements in diagnosis. Can these alone account for the increases that have been observed? Is this indeed autism? As parents and professionals together struggle to make sense of the autism spectrum and the multiple treatment modalities, the talk also highlights the benefits of mainstream and alternate intervention options available. The talk is directed at parents, professionals and to policy makers and all those who have an impact on autism services and research in the country.


Dr Vikram Dua is a child and adolescent neuropsychiatrist based in Vancouver, Canada, with a specialized expertise in autism spectrum disorders. After completing his education through highly respected institutions, including Harvard Medical School, University of Toronto, McMaster University, and the University of Massachusetts, Dr Dua is now on the faculty at the University of British Columbia, and practices out of the BC Children’s Hospital. Dr Dua has been working in the area of autism for more than a decade and is considered a leader in the field in Canada. In addition to a vast amount of clinical work with children and youth with ASD, his accomplishments have included development and writing of the British Columbia Government autism assessment policy, founding and establishing the BC Autism Assessment Network, public awareness, training and education, advocacy, and research. He has given dozens of lectures and workshops to professionals, families, and the general public.

DATE: Wednesday, 07 April 2010
TIMINGS: 10:30 am – 1:00 pm
VENUE: The National Centre for Autism Pocket 7 & 8, Jasola Vihar, New Delhi – 110 025
FEES: Rs 50/- for refreshments

Please note that the registrations for the talk will begin at 10:00a.m. and the doors to the conference hall will close at 10:30a.m. We look forward to your participation.

For Further Queries Contact:

Shikha Bhardwaj
Training Coordinator
Action For Autism (AFA)
The National Centre for Autism
Pocket 7 & 8 Jasola Vihar,
New Delhi 110025
Tel: 91 11 4054 0991, 91 11 4054 0992, 91 11 6534 7422

5-Day CRE Course on Early Intervention & School Readiness for Children with Sensory & Multiple Disabilities

Dear Friends,

Our Association has been informed by Ms. Manjula Patankar, Director-ROSHNI that as part of the National Trust Training Programme, ROSHNI Ramakrishna Ashrama will be holding a 5-day Training on Early Intervention & School Readiness for Children with Sensory & Multiple Disabilities – CRE Course. Dr Reena Bhandari, Director, Voice and Vision, Mumbai, a National Resource and Training centre and her team are resource persons for this Course.

The course is a part of Continuous Rehabilitation Education Training programme from Rehabilitation Council of India, funded by the National Trust New Delhi. 

The programe schedule is as below:

Date:         9th  -13th  December 2009

Venue:    Roshni, Ramakrishna Ashrama,  Entrance Jiwaji University Road, Gwalior       

Time:     9:30 a.m. –  4:00 p.m. daily

Course is meant for:

Rehabilitation professionals, therapists and special needs teachers working with people with disabilities, who are interested in extending their knowledge and skills in this area. Candidates with RCI registration preferred; a few seats will be reserved for parents.

Limited number of seats available, apply immediately.

Roshni is looking forward to hearing from you and working with you for training and capacity building to upgrade services for the Rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.

Contact Person:  Vivek Sharma (9893453082),  Ramsevak Baraiya   (9981526616)

Those interested may apply immediately.



SC Vashishth,

Developmental Therapist

For Association of Developmental Therapists of India (ADITI)